Who We Are


Be it the largest cruise ships around, outstanding hospitality concepts in each of their segments or selective private living spaces, our service entails a tailored approach. And with good reasons, a superb tailor is in constant demand.

Founded in 2006 by a merger of two furniture companies, EVO Design has over a decade of experience in the craft of interior tailoring. As seasoned international professionals, we've gained a vivid understanding of what it takes to produce our surroundings. Our business relates to environments we spend a fair amount of time in, and essentially all of our projects are all about your experiences. Therefore, our know-how and resources have been aligned accordingly.

Having experienced a dynamic growth within all of our business sectors, we have altogether executed about a hundred fifty projects to Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Mainland Europe;

Middle East, Russia, Carribean, United States and many vessels under various flags in the past 10 years We are now employing more than 100 skilled professionals who are well experienced in all of our operational areas. Whole group is providing work for more than 250 people across all sectors of activities.

Combining our background with our vision to become one of the leading specialists from Europe, we at EVO Design look forward for your challenges with excitement.

We are a dedicated factory that constantly delivers demanding interior commissions.


Our goal is to offer unparalleled quality in what we do. Therefore it is essential for us to deeply understand the different areas that affect and shape our business environment. And thereafter establish a clear focus on how we commit to them. We will always stand true to these following principles.

Commitment to Value Offering

Although it is the core of the business, our proposition is not about producing furniture. It's about being a strategic partner to our clients in working towards the aims and exceeding expectations set for interior environments. From flawless technical planning, advisory on material selections based on their manufacturing mechanics up until the execution of installation in your premises. We won't compromise on quality - every commission is our Number One Priority. You can expect to experience all of this and rely on our full support already in our first cooperation project.

Technological Innovation

We believe that our commitment to being in the forefront of technological advancements gives us a solid competitive edge in fulfilling commissions of every kind up to their very highest standards. Our production unit of 2 400 m2 is stationed with up to date sophisticated machinery. Efficient planning capabilities that reduce delivery times, advanced precision that not only provides the level of high quality but its consistency - it's all there. Interested to learn more on our technological capabilities? Get in touch and we can take it further on the particulars.

Craftmanship Excellence

There are certain things in our field that will not be grasped from day one. Our business proposition could not be possible without our craftsmen, each of them with at least 10 years of in-depth experience and some with over 30 in this specialised industry segment. There is an array of complicated tasks in our projects that call for the involvement of highly skilled human factor and it is the task of our professionals to ultimately ensure the continuity of our excellence. So therefore, when technology is the heart of our business, our craftsmen are the soul of it.

Meaningful Partnership

We highly value the teamwork with all our partners and suppliers. It is they, who ensure that our work-process is an interesting and inspiring one to execute. But also do they give a significant contribution to making our commissions meet the highest quality standards and provide us with the stimulation to become even better at what we do. Integrity and trust are the guiding principles for us in this area and we always look at our partnerships with a long term value creation in mind. 


Throughout our business sectors, we are accustomed to undertaking demanding challenges and delivering interior environments with high asthetic and functional values.

In our hospitality sector projects, we can be a one stop partner for operators, owners and property developers alike. We have been commissioned to work with well known hotel groups, raging from 3-star to premium segments, as well as various brands in the premium to high end segments of serviced apartment concepts.

In the sector of marine business, we are a regular contractor to the largest and often publicly noted corporations. That is, many of the leading worldwide cruise line companies.

The clients of our One of a Kind sector projects are discerning high net worth individuals and business enterprises with unique interior tailoring

requirements, who are looking to commission us for the delivery of their unique interior masterpieces.

For further insight on our particular client and project references, please check the website section of Our work.

Our clients represent a sophisticated range of international businesses and private individuals.


Among others, our network includes regional representative partners of our services, a variety of suppliers and carefully chosen collaborators who work with us within the range of our services. We attribute a special credit to these highlighted companies.

A family owned Finnish interior design company that provides extensive selection of textiles, rugs and furniture combined with 75 years of Interior Design experience.

Design and outfitting partner


A fast developing and innovative design and turnkey company, headquartered in Finland. With business areas of shipbuilding, industrial and building construction.

One of main contracting partners for
new ship builds and refits



Orsap Oy Ltd is a turnkey contractor specialized in complete interior deliveries of public and cabin areas and partial deliveries for luxury cruise liners.

KAEFER provids in­terior out­fit­ting for the Mar­ine and Pro­cess In­dustry (in­clud­ing off­shore) as well as for the Con­struc­tion In­dustry. In Pro­cess and Mar­ine In­dus­tries, we spe­cial­ise in chal­len­ging pro­jects that are of­ten sub­ject to sub­stan­tial time pres­sure and dif­fi­cult en­vir­on­mental cir­cum­stances. In Con­struc­tion, we use our in­genu­ity and in­nov­at­ive solu­tions to cre­ate the ideal spaces to live and work.

MEYER TURKU OY, family-owned by MEYER WERFT, is one of the leading European shipbuilding companies. Turku Shipyard was founded in 1737 and, today, the managing partner of the company is Dr. Jan Meyer. The history of MEYER TURKU dates back almost 300 years. In 1737, two businessmen, Esaias Wechter and Heinrich Remgean, started building wooden crafts in the town of Turku.

Located on the Atlantic Coast for 150 years, Chantiers de l’Atlantique is a company dedicated to maritime construction and services to operating floats. Thanks to the expertise of its staff and its sub-contractor network, combined with up-to-date industrial facilities, the company is one of the leaders for designing, building, erecting and commissioning highly complex ships and maritime installations.

Almaco Group is a full service contractor for new construction and modernization of cabins, wet units, public spaces, galleys, provision stores, refrigeration machinery and complete living quarters.

MGroup™ is a privately held family business headquartered in LaGrange, GA, and targets the major hospitality brands for brand standards specifications.