What We Do

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Scope of Services

Dedicated to providing a complete range of interior tailoring services, our full proposition is about total project management. We have expertise in every phase throughout the process of creating, producing and installing interior environments. Although every particular project may vary in the scope of our commitment, the overall outline of our service process consists of these listed phases.

1. Architectural Design

Together with our partnering interior designers we create an individual solution to meet your desired interior experience.

2. Product Development

We develop prototype and concept items, often experimental samples, for thorough evaluation and risk assessment before the phase of actual production.

3. Workshop Drawings

Our team of production engineers devise all production related technical drawings and plans for client evaluation and acceptance.

4. Production

According to prior phases and established timelines, this is where we usually employ all our technological and craftmanship resources to produce every interior item on the agenda.

5. Completition on Site

We prepare and manage all logistical arrangements and thereafter complete installation on our clients' premises anywhere in the world.

Served Sectors

No matter the purpose, living space or business environment, our principal task is to ensure our support and responsibility. So that our clients sacrifice the least of their precious time.

For the hospitality sector, we provide a complete turnkey service, from conceptualising to eventual installatiions. For all possible interior environment related items of different hospitality segments - bars, restaurants, casinos, public, commercial and office spaces, showrooms and the like.

Marine sector commissions have ranged from public area furnishings to one-off custom designs of passenger areas. From regular cabins to super suites. Our experiences also entail a special expertise on crew areas. Starting from 2011 our capabilities for marine sector extend beyond interior related commissions. Get in touch with us to find out more.

In order to guarantee a professional post delivery support, we also provide a range of life cycle services for both the hospitality and marine sector. These services center on maintenance and care-taking of all deliverables against time. 

Within the One of a Kind sector we are capable of creating all different areas of business and living spaces. From in-house rooms to garden furnishings, all according to our clients' wants and needs.

The bits and pieces or our tailored proposition. From single furniture items to complete interior ambiences.

Quality Management

Staying committed to our core principles is a significant component of our business success and brand image. Complying with international quality management standards is an important part of our strategy to maintain this focus.

Our management system is fundamental in sustaining the quality in what we do. Our output, the standards of production as well as client support need to conform to high levels of consistency and we are constantly keeping this on the radar. 

Our processes are well documented and we adhere to industry standard contractual principles. These implemented procedures have been approved by

 the world's leading certification body Bureau Veritas Certification with an ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2015 certificate in 10 relevant areas of our business operations.

For further details, please rely to the PDF certificate document provided on this page and www.bureauveritas.com.

Operational excellence is part of our business excellence.

Click here to download our ISO certificate in PDF format.